2nd Arab Codex Colloquium: A 2-Day Hybrid Event from 10-11 June 2023, Oman

2nd Arab Codex Colloquium: 2-Day Hybrid Event from 10-11 June 2023, Oman.

To Review Accomplishments, to Shape Future Directions of the Arab Codex Initiative and its Established Working Groups.

Report of the 2nd Arab Codex Colloquium: English |  Français العربي

 Agenda: English العربي  Poster: PDF

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Supporting materials for the event will be made available here, as they become available.
*Please note that resources are in PDF format unless otherwise specified.

DAY 1: 10 JUNE 2023
1.Arab Codex Initiative Outputs: Englishالعربي
2.Session 1 – Facilitated Discussions (Word Doc): English العربي
3.Session 2 – Outputs of the CCFICS26: Englishالعربي
4.Session 2 – Report of the CCFICS26: Englishالعربي
5.Session 2 – Outputs of the CAC45: English العربي
6.Session 2 – Report of the CAC45: English العربي
7.Session 2 – Outputs of the CCFH53: Englishالعربي
8.Session 2 – Report of the CCFH53: English
9.Session 2 – Outputs of the CCCF16: Englishالعربي
10.Session 2 – Report of the CCCF16: Englishالعربي
11.Session 3 – Introductory Remarks, Chairperson, CAC: Englishالعربي
12.Session 3 – Facilitated Discussions, Day 1 (Word Doc): English العربي
13.Session 3 – Introduction of the GCC Activities: English /العربي
DAY 2: 11 JUNE 2023
14.Session 4 – Outputs of the CCCRVDF26: English | العربي
15.Session 4 – Report of the CCCRVDF26: English /العربي
16.Session 4 – Outputs of the CCFA53: English | العربي
17.Session 4 – Report of the CCFA53: English | العربي
18.Session 4 – Outputs of the CCNFSDU43: English | العربي
19.Session 4 – Report of the CCNFSDU43: English | العربي
20.Session 4 – Outputs of the CCFL47: English | العربي
21.Session 4 – Report of the CCFL47: English | العربي
22.Session 5 – Enhancing Participation in Codex Activities – Developing National Positions: English | العربي
23.Session 6 – Review of the CAC46 Agenda: English العربي
24.Session 6 – Discussion Paper Introduced by Jordan: English العربي


Capturing Select Key Moments…

Featuring the Leadership of the Sultanate of Oman in Codex

The Arab Codex Initiative – 2 years in review (2022-2023)

Second Arab Codex Colloquium Highlights

Second Arab Codex Colloquium Summary of Outputs