This Capacity Building Program is funded by the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec; implemented jointly by the Global Food Regulatory Science Society and Université Laval’s Platform of Food Risk Analysis and Regulatory Excellence; in partnership with Egypt’s National Food Safety Agency (NFSA), the Egyptian Organization of Standardization and Quality (EOS), the Arab Industrial Development, Standardization and Mining Organization (AIDSMO) and LandO’Lakes Venture 37.

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Proposed Agenda     Workshop Evaluation

DAY 1 – 26 February, 2023

Positioning Food Monitoring Activities in Risk Assessment – Importance for Food Regulatory Programs

Introduction of Data Mining

Introduction of the Arab Food Monitoring Database – Methodology of Development and Implementation

Day 1 Supplementary Files (PDF)

DAY 2 – 27 February, 2023

Extraction and Management of Data from the Arab / Egyptian Occurrence Database

Tabulation and Preparation of Data and its Interpretation

Foundations of the Development of a Food Monitoring Program

Establishment of Monitoring and Control Programs Based on Risk as a Foundation for Robust Food Safety System

Review of Consumption Data Sources in Support for Exposure Assessment

Day 2 Supplementary File(s) 

DAY 3 – 28 February, 2023

Risk Assessment Questions Related to Aflatoxins in Food and Planning of the Risk Assessment

Practical Case Study on Exposure Assessment: Aflatoxins in Food

Rapid Risk Assessment – Pesticides in Cumin

Carcinogenicity of Dietary Aflatoxin M1 in Male Fischer Rats Compared to Aflatoxin B1

Day 4 Supplementary Files