Welcome to the 1st Codex Training and Outreach Meeting Destined to South-West Pacific Codex Contact Points held under the auspices of the South-West Pacific Codex Initiative (SWP Codex): a Codex capacity building initiative, funded by the US Codex Office (USCO) and the Codex Program of the Australian Government (DAFF – Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry). The SWP Codex is implemented by the Global Food Regulatory Science Society (GFoRSS), in collaboration with Landolakes – Venture 37, in partnership with the Codex Contact Points of Australia and New-Zealand.

Supporting Documents

Proposed Agenda
Participant List


Introducing the Codex Initiative for the South-West Pacific 

Capacity Building Program – SW Pacific Codex – Foundations of Codex Work

Word icon PNG, ICO or ICNS | Free vector icons Statements of Principle – taken from the Codex Procedural Manual (27th Ed., 2019)

Codex Operations

Codex Alimentarius Commission – Summary of Structure

The Elaboration of Codex Standards – Summary of the Step Process

Enhancing Participation in Codex Activities – Discussion

Word icon PNG, ICO or ICNS | Free vector icons Facilitated Discussion – SWOT Analysis

Introduction of Risk Analysis – The Foundation of the Food Safety and Nutrition Decision-Making Framework

Provision of Scientific Advice in Codex

Discussion Points – Scientific Advice in Support of Codex Standard Setting

Noni Fruit Juice:


Review of Priority Agenda Items – CCCF15, CCPR53 and CCSCH6 – for Consideration by CAC45

The Role of Science in the Codex Decision-Making Process – Case Approach – Zilpaterol MRLs in Codex

Review of International Risk Assessment of Zilpaterol – Including JECFA